Question: How much it costs to download files from your site?
Response: You have a great opportunity to make unlimited downloads from our site for free. That's right, you don't have to pay! To access our files, no charge from you is needed. And moreover, you can easily interact with out site without any registration. We suggest our service on the most favourable terms: you are absolutely free from any monthly fees, and we don't require your credit card.

Question: How to download free ringtones from this site on your computer?
Response: If you press "Download to your PC", and a new window starts playing the file automatically, instead of storing it to your computer, do the following:
1. Do the right-mouse click, select "copy link" from the menu, then add it to any manager of file download.
2. Use the menu of the opened window that automatically began to play the melody [File -> Save As ...] and select a folder to save the soundtrack.
Please note that the file download link will expire in 10 minutes!

Question: How to get and set ringtone to your iPhone for free?
Response: After you saved the file in mp3, you must convert it to M4R (audio files format for iPhone). The M4R format is the renamed M4A format, a part of the another format - AAC. According to this, to get an M4R file from MP3, you must get the ACC format file first.
The order of actions is following:
1. Convert the source MP3 track to the ACC format file (you can use a freeware Any Audio Converter).
2. Go to the folder, where the converted file is saved, and change the file extension from ".m4a" to ".m4r". That's it! The M4R format file is done! What to do if you don't see the file extension in the folder? Do it this way. Start "My Computer". In the top menu select Tools -> Folder Options (Note: Vista's main menu item is "order" and "Folder Options" can be found in the Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel). Now open "View" tab in the menu and remove the check from the line "Hide extensions for known file types".
When you have an M4R file already, do the following:
1. Let's open iTunes, then click the tab on the left side under Library, then drag the sound file you've to iTunes. One more option is to click the file menu on top left of itunes and click 'Add file to library...'
2. Connect your iPhone, select your iPhone name on iTunes left side & click it, then select the tab in the top center. Make certain that 'Sync ringtones' is selected.
3. Sync your iPhone. Enjoy!
   Also there's one simple and easy way to convert mp3 in m4r. Just go to the online version of the Free iPhone Ringtone Converter, upload your source file to their site and click the Convert button. The only disadvantage of the service is the upload limit of 10 MB for the convertible file size.

Question: How to send ringtone to cell phone Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry (and e.t.c.)?
Response: To download and install a rigntone on your mobile device, please, follow the instructions:
Firstly, download the song to your computer's hard disc and transfer it to your mobile using a data cable, infra red or bluetooth. The above depends on your moblie phone manufacturer and model.

Question: How to download music to AT&T (1), Verizon (2), Sprint (3), TMobile (4) cell phone?
1. Carrier AT&T Mobility (Includes Dobson Cellular, Centennial Wireless, GoPhone Prepaid and Edge Wireless).
ATT ringtones and realtones are available for loading in various different formats, which depends on the phone model. To install the ringtones or text sms alert tones you can use browser, which is available on most phones, and simply follow a download link. You can even receive the polyphonic melody directly inside of a text message in the form of a picture message on some mobile devices.
2. Carrier Verizon Wireless (Includes Unicel and INPulse Prepaid).
The advantage of Verizon mobile phones is that ringtones for verizon can be sent directly inside the text message. There's no need to have internet enabled on your verizon cell phone. All that you need is just picture messaging. Many phones of this trade mark play not only mp3 files but midi format as well. When your phone receives tune, open the message , listen to it & then click on "Set As Ringtone"
3. Carrier Sprint/Nextel (Includes Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA, Common Cents Mobile, Nextel Network and Sprint Network).
Sprint true tones, ringback tones or answer tones are available for loading in either mp3, qcp or mp4 format.
4. Carrier T-Mobile USA (Includes SunCom, To Go Prepaid and T-Mobile).
You can load T-Mobile ringing tone in either mp3 or polyphonic format either on a memory card or your tzones internet account.

Question: Files of what formats you have in your site?
Response: On our web-site contains files: audio (wav), compressed audio (mp3), polyphonic and m4r (m4a) for iPhone.

Question: Are there any file database updates?
Response: Our archive is filling up with new ringtones every week. Don't forget to add our site to Favorites, so you can follow the updates.

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